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Christian Poetry

christian poetryTribute to My King

The Brethren Collection is composed of Christian poetry for all ages. This Tribute to My King poem is a reminder of the price Jesus paid for us. May we never forget this precious act of love.

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There are no words to thank you
For all that you have done
Despite my many tryings
I still can not find one

There are no words to give you
The worship you deserve
Yet in your heart of beauty
You come to me -- to serve

To serve me with your kindness
Your love, your promises
All this you give me freely
Your gifts are so endless

So on this day a tribute
I write from in my heart
To try and start this "Thank You"
For all that you impart

I thank you for salvation
A plan made dear to me,
I thank you for your spirit
That gently does guide me

No matter how I thank you
No words can yet express
My gratitude for Calvary
My life that you have blessed

So on this day I offer
All that I have to give
A vessel made of ashes
That you may come to live

To live inside this vessel
Of dust and humbleness
To occupy my stable
Of dirt and brokenness

For only in your presence
Can life be born anew
A gift no words can capture
This love I feel for you.


by E. V. Stankowski, RN
© copyrighted 1996 "Brethren Collection"

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