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Christian Poetry

christian poetryThe Stoning

The Brethren Collection is composed of Christian poetry for all ages. The poem, The Stoning, is a constant reminder of our Lord's great forgiveness towards humanity.  May we never forget.

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It truly does amaze me
How Jesus fought the crowd
The crowd that came to stone her
The crowd that came and howled

They howled at this young woman
For sins they wouldn't forgive
And in their hearts of coldness
No love was found to give

As Jesus saw this evil
Within the ground he wrote
The words perhaps of sinners
Of sins they never spoke

And Jesus being able
To see inside their hearts
These words he uttered softy
Causing the crowd to part

Let him who has no sinning
Let him to be the first
To cast a stone admitting
His life has never thirst

For things that were forbidden
By God's own holy word
His life he's been a'livin
According to these words

The lesson of this story
Is one that's often missed
To bring an inner healing
Instead of words that hiss

At others who are trying
To reach that golden inn
Lord, help us see their burden
And not their life of sin

Lord, give us words of comfort
To heal their inner wounds
As you did with this woman
One glorious afternoon

And bring to us a picture
Of what truly occurred
When you spoke with this woman
After the crowd had spurred

For many still are thinking
Your words were harshly said
With each time that I hear this
I shake again my head

And something deep inside me
Begins to weep and wail
To hear this great injustice
About this holy tale

For something gets a'missin
Your love gets cast aside
As preachers start depicting
The fire in your eyes

Lord, help me bring this message
The message that appears
Each time I read this story
I see a lesson dear

You reached out to this woman
And in your words she knew
You offered her forgiveness
Your love within her grew

It filled her inner spirit
A cleansing did she feel
She walked away in freedom
Her wounds were truly healed.


by E. V. Stankowski, RN
© copyrighted 1995 "Brethren Collection"

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