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The Petals of Gold Collection is composed of poetry for all ages. The poem, And Life Goes On, is a reminder of all the pain and grief that ran through my veins when my precious mom passed on. While life marched on, I was caught struggling to live without her close presence.  Memories just weren't enough.

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Life passes by
With no regard
For time or feelings.

The loss of a loved one
Pierces the heart, sears the soul,
And life remains constant.

Moving, moving, moving
Always pushing its way
Towards tomorrow.

I try to remember
The life gone-by,
But the past eludes me.
Memories shimmer in the distance
Like a shooting star that passes;
Leaving only a glimmer
of its former self.

Everything gets swallowed up
In an abyss of darkness.
Only the sadness remains...
Loud, Real, Painful,

And pictures...
                 Of a life...
                               That once was.


by E. V. Stankowski, RN
© copyrighted 2006 "Petals of Gold Collection"

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