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Christian Poetry

christian poetryThe Jury

The Brethren Collection is composed of Christian poetry for all ages. The poem, The Jury, reminds us that judgment belongs to God -- and God alone. Only God can balance judgment with perfection.

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Who left us judge and jury?
Of other people’s lives
To stand in Godly judgment
Without even a sigh

But if I were to tell you
This is the thing you do
You’d sit there and rebuke me
For you have judged me too

Just let me take a moment
To tell you what occurs
Inside of me, and others
Each time this crime recurs

A light that’s kindled brightly
Begins to dim and fade
And pretty soon all preaching
Under the ground gets laid

Yet, if you’re truly walking
The path of God most high
You’d see my inner spirit
The wounds that bleed inside

And in your arms you’d hold me
Beneath your lips a prayer
For God above to soothe me
And all these wounds I bear

Who left us judge and jury?
Who stands as Job’s true friend?
A man who needed healing
No friend could comprehend

Don’t let us repeat history
Forget the lesson shown
In judgment there’s a beauty
To God It's Only Known.


by E. V. Stankowski, RN
© copyrighted 1996 "Brethren Collection"

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