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The poem, Once It's Out There, is dedicated to all the women who have known the pain of infidelity. May we learn to look forward, to better things ahead.

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Once it’s out there
It can not be undone, unsaid, unheard.

It lingers amidst a fog
Of pain and tears…
Piercing, searing the soul,
In a carousel of unforgetfulness.

Will time heal the wound of infidelity?
Will it wash it away?
Will it make it not be?

In the heart of a female
Where heart and soul are but one…
Where memories, thoughts and
feelings, find eternal journeys;
Where love is a state of living;

           Such a Pass -- is Unlikely.


by E. V. Stankowski, RN
© copyrighted 1996 "Petals of Gold Collection"

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