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Christian quotes and sayings from the Brethren Collection. These sayings and quotes are listed as "Food for Thought."

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As the risen sun
And the falling rain
Nurture our earth to grow;
So the will of God
In the heart of man.


The Gospel needs not be defended…
It needs to be lived.


In ones pursuit
To uphold the Gospel…
Do not commit injustice
Against one another.


Great nations do not rise and fall
Because of great men;
Great men rise and fall
Because of God's Greatness.


There is a time to speak,
And a time for silence…
May God instill in us the latter;
To hear his voice.


No matter how dark the road before you,
If you open your heart to him above
Even a whispered need is heard.


Let every heart be cast anew,
for the day of the Lord is at hand.


When things go bad, people blame God.
When things go well, people praise man.


You do what's right
Because it's right;
Not because it's easy.


by E. V. Stankowski RN
© copyrighted 1995 "Brethren Collection"

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