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Children's Poetry

A Child's Magic

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The Petals of Gold Collection is composed of poetry for all ages. The poem, A Child's Magic, is a reminder of how precious children are and the magic they touch us with.

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Did you ever take the time
Just to listen to a word
That comes from a little child
That is longing to be heard

There's a magic and a warmth
In a word that's spoken true
That is part of every child
When it's spoken just for you

For the heart within a child
Is as pure as crystal gold
And they speak their love in truth
Just for you and me to hold

There's a magic quite unique
In the words that children say
If we only take the time
To stay put--not walk away

Like the Angels in God's home
Who express their love so dear
So the little hearts we know
Bring their love for us to hear

In their love there is a gift
That is like an Angel's heart
And it comes to you and me

          It's the Magic they impart.

by E. V. Stankowski, RN
© copyrighted 1995 "Petals of Gold Collection"

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