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Sobriety Poetry

sobriety poemsTribute To Sobriety (90 Days)

The poem, Tribute To Sobriety, is dedicated to all the courageous hearts that are celebrating their 90 Day AA Anniversaries. A heartfelt Congratulations.

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As you celebrate this day
Ninety days in sober land
Thereís a special pride above
For this victory is grand

Itís a pride thatís filled with joy
For this choice that you have made
To be abstinent each day
Is no easy earth crusade

See this choice is not by chance
But by willingness and grace
Instituting all the steps,
Sponsorship and peer embrace

Itís a struggle and a strain
When at times the urge appears
Yet within your soul a flame
To maintain what you hold dear

Your sobriety is gold
Itís a gift of mighty worth
Thatís been carefully preserved
In a showcase far from earth

For the Angels high above
Have prepared an awesome sight
In a showcase made of gold
Thereís a tribute they recite

Itís a tribute made for you
They recite with tender care
To acknowledge a known truth
They proclaim this special prayer

ďYouíre a vessel made of gold
A reflection of your worth
May your sober eyes now see
You're a Treasure on this Earth.

This tribute is dedicated to all those celebrating their 90 Days AA Celebration.

by E. V. Stankowski, RN
© copyrighted 1995 "Petals of Gold Collection"

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