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Military Poetry

md poem


"Red, White and Blue
A Veterans View"

                          by Dr. Janice Edelstein

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You see me as a sick old man
But inside, I hold secrets of my past
As I see the tragedies of war
I remember what my eyes have seen before

Remembering the anguish and the pain
I feel anxious, agitated and sick
Questioning the reasons for worldwide terror
I drift off to sleep longing for peace

For I feel for my country
I know the sacrifice for those at home and away
If I could speak, I would tell you more
Look at my face Nurse, it shows my grief

You ask if I am sad or depressed
I canít express my views
Or feelings because of disease
The world is changing
And I have seen that before
I see faces of those who have fought beside me

Oh Nurse, Help me from the wheelchair
1,2,3Ö. To stand as a veteran at attention
I rise to salute the flag
Remembering the past, supporting our troops

For I am a soldier: even as an old man
I know the drills and my mission
As I watch the colors pass by
I see hope, and I am filled with joy.

This poem is dedicated to all our Veterans who so valiantly give of themselves to make our country the "Home of the Free & the Brave."

Poem Submitted on 05/19/10

About The Author: Dr. Janice Edelstein

Dr. Janice Edelstein is an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh College of Nursing.

  • She has been a nurse for over 30 years.

  • Has practiced nursing in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin.

  •  Married, Mother of 3 grown children.

  • This poem is dedicated to Veterans.

Dr. Janice Edelstein loves to inspire nursing students and to share her joy of being a nurse. Her practice area is older adult community health.

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