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nurse poem

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nursing poems

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nursing poems

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"Unconditional Love "

 by Mike Hall

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A blonde one year old boy
In blue striped overalls
Began climbing the steps
Towards the sanctuary
At St. Thomas More Church

On step ten of eleven, he lost his balance
And began falling backward
Only to be caught in the loving arms
Of his attentive father

It made me think that we too
Have a loving Father who is there
For us when we fall....
Always at the ready
To cradle us before we
Plummet to the floor

The little boy had no idea of the danger
The steps posed as he began climbing
Fortunately, the father did and the story
Has a happy ending

When Mass concluded
I saw the little boy again
His mother carried him as he
Played with a toy truck
And dad was in charge of his
Two stuffed animals
The toddler is too young
To realize how lucky
He is to have such caring parents
At this age, he takes them for granted

Perhaps when he's older, he'll appreciate
All they do for him and the
Unconditional love
They shower upon they have Always been there for him to catch him Before he falls

May we be mindful too,
Of the unwarranted
And unconditional love
The Father has for us
Now that we're older,
Maybe we'll look back
With thanks for all He's done
Father....Spirit...and Savior Son.

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Poem Submitted on 07/25/10

About The Author: Mike Hall

Mike Hall is a long time Denver area tennis coach and teaching professional.

  • He writes poetry in his spare time and is married to Sally.

  • Mike and Sally have a daughter named Carly.

  • Many of Mike's poems are sparked by people rising to the challenges in daily living.

  • Two of his favorite poems (The Darkest Hour & If I Could) are found online by googling Meg Heggie. If I Could was written after my sister in law was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. To read these poems, click below:

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