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nurse poem

nursing poetry

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nursing poems

nursing poetry

nursing poems

nurse poem


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Nursing Poetry

md poem


"Tell The World Project"

 by Nikki Griffin, RN

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I get in my car never knowing
What to expect for the day
I have seven patients to see,
3 labs, 2 wounds, and all to assess
Where do I start, with what patient,
Whatís next

This day will be an obstacle, a journey,
A mess

I am a home health nurse

A knock at the door, a smiling face I see
Good morning John
Arenít you happy to see me?

I am a home health nurse

I tote my computer, my labs, and satchel
Loaded down from head to toe
But for my patients
I consider this no hassle
For them there isnít anything
I wouldnít do, lord knows

I am a home health nurse

An assessment is completed,
Labs drawn, med box filled
John is feeling well today
With a little more care and prayers-
He will be healed
I pack up my things and Iím on my way

I am a home health nurse

Eight hours later, the seventh patient,
Little Mrs. Way...
She is so cute,
So fragile and thin
I save her for last so we can talk
For the rest of the day
For with nursing, you always win

I am a home health nurse

Mrs. Way is doing fine, so lonely is she
But for when I leave today,
It is her I will miss
If only I could take them
All home with me As I walk out the door
She gives me a hug and a kiss....

I am not just a home health nurse .

To all student nurses and nurses alike who have the privilege, daily, to engage in and be part of, the healing process of humanity.

Poem Submitted on 11/21/10

About The Author: Nikki Griffin

Nikki Griffin is employed full time as a Home Health Nurse and is enrolled as an RN-BSN nursing student at James Madison University in Harrisonburg Va.

  • Graduated from Blue Ridge Community College with her RN in 2007

  • She worked 3 years in Oncology Nursing before specializing in Home Health Nursing

  • Presently enrolled in James Madison University Harrssionburg, VA to obtain her BSN Degree.

  • This poem was written as part of a class project called "Tell the World Project," and is a reflection of the nursing role Ms Griffin enjoys and loves.

Nikki's poem is a genuine expression of what the "Heart of Nursing" is truly all about - Our Patients.

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