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"Sweet Surrender"

 by Mike Hall

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In a perfect world
You'd accept yourself unconditionally
There'd be eyes to see clearly the folly
Of ruminizing about the flaws and Imperfections....
The failures and frustrations

In a perfect world
You'd let go of thinking judgmentally
About yourself and others
You'd learn to go with the flow
And know how futile living in the past
Or projecting in the future really is

In a perfect world
You'd lean into every moment
As if it were your last
You'd breath slower....
And deeper
And close your eyes long enough to allow
A healing blanket of gratitude
To envelop you

In a perfect world
You'd whisper a hundred compliments
To yourself every day
And celebrate the small victories
Of patience over pessimism
Which used to go unnoticed

In a perfect world
You'd laugh your guts out
Like a seven year old at a sleepover
You'd throw caution to the wind
And live a no limits life that rivals
Bode, Lance, and Lyndsey

In a perfect world
You'd look in the mirror each night
With a thumbs up salute and a vow
To make tomorrow even better

In a perfect world
There'd be no time for ruminizing about
What could have been
You'd discard the
Shoulda, woulda, coulda thoughts
And revel in
The sweet surrender to His will
His grace.....and the inimitable
Gifts He's sewn into your soul.

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Poem Submitted on 10/02/10

About The Author: Mike Hall

Mike Hall is a long time Denver area tennis coach and teaching professional.

  • He writes poetry in his spare time and is married to Sally.

  • Mike and Sally have a daughter named Carly.

  • Many of Mike's poems are sparked by people rising to the challenges in daily living.

  • Two of his favorite poems (The Darkest Hour & If I Could) are found online by googling Meg Heggie. If I Could was written after my sister in law was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. To read these poems, click below:

The Darkest Hour  /  If I Could

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