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nurse poem

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nursing poems

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"Dear Jenny"

 by Mike Hall

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I wish I could take the prayers
Of all the people who love you
And paste them on your bedroom wall....
That they would lift you up
Before you fall

Oh, that I might take a picture of you
When you're at your very best
I'd enlarge it and surround it with lights
So you might believe that
Your spirit is sooooo bright

One day I'd like to write a poem
that would capture the goodness
In your heart
Perhaps it would help to heal the wounds
That lead you to self sabotage
When no one's there

And then, Dear Jenny,
I'd compose a song
I'd hope that you'd play it
When the night grows too long
Joined with the melody would
Be lyrics of love that would coax you to Soar beyond and to fly high above

Beyond and above like a kite in the spring
Until you've found that one song....
That only you can sing.

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Poem Submitted on 10/02/10

About The Author: Mike Hall

Mike Hall is a long time Denver area tennis coach and teaching professional.

  • He writes poetry in his spare time and is married to Sally.

  • Mike and Sally have a daughter named Carly.

  • Many of Mike's poems are sparked by people rising to the challenges in daily living.

  • Two of his favorite poems (The Darkest Hour & If I Could) are found online by googling Meg Heggie. If I Could was written after my sister in law was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. To read these poems, click below:

The Darkest Hour  /  If I Could

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