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nurse poem

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nursing poems

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"Every Step of The Way "

 by Mike Hall

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The sidewalks were sizzling
as the temperature climbed above one hundred
People flooded to ice cream parlors.....
movie theatres....and the library
to find relief from the heat

I had just pushed the down button
on the elevator at Koelbel library
when a woman in her seventies
entered the front door
She was assisted by a younger
lady who seemed to be her daughter

The daughter held on to her arm
as mom tried to steer her walker
towards the new non-fiction section
The woman was stooped to such a degree
that it seemed as if she could be reaching
for a lost coin on the carpet

When she tried to make a right turn towards
the librarian's desk....she nearly fell to the floor
Her groan made me shudder.....
it made me realize that....
for her....there was no relief
from the burden she carried every day

When I was leaving, this brave soul was
sitting more comfortably in a chair
near the check out stand
I was mindful of her courage
and how difficult each day must be....
betrayed by a back that won't cooperate

The image came to me of
how bent and broken Our Lord
was as He was marched to the cross....
how He stumbled and Simon helped him up
I pray for the lady at the library....
that He's with her
every step of the way....
every step.....every day.

This poem is a reminder that our Lord can truly relate to all our struggles as he also endured great pain on his march to Calvary.

Poem Submitted on 07/19/10

About The Author: Mike Hall

Mike Hall is a long time Denver area tennis coach and teaching professional.

  • He writes poetry in his spare time and is married to Sally.

  • Mike and Sally have a daughter named Carly.

  • Many of Mike's poems are sparked by people rising to the challenges in daily living.

  • Two of his favorite poems (The Darkest Hour & If I Could) are found online by googling Meg Heggie. If I Could was written after my sister in law was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. To read these poems, click below:

The Darkest Hour  /  If I Could

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