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"A Lesson from Emma & Dad "

 by Mike Hall

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"Daddy, daddy, come up here, it's awesome!"
Seven year old Emma is on Thanksgiving break
Decked out in a bright yellow skirt and a
Blue sweater tied around her waist

It's two days before the holiday and
Unseasonably warm in Littleton, Colorado

A jet streaks west across
The cloudless Denver sky
And two crows squawk loudly as they fly over Emma and her dad

They have a green Frisbee in hand
As they climb through snow to the top of a hill

"Come on daddy, let's play!"
Dad turns and angrily scolds Emma ......
"Emma, can't you see I'm on the phone?"

I squint to see them framed by the sun
A stone's throw away from
The Columbine Memorial
It is so quiet here as just a few people
walk slowly by to honor the kids
And coach who died

I'm reading the dedication to Matthew Kechter
When I notice an empty bird's nest
In a leafless tree just behind his marker

How sad it is that the bird can return
But Matt can't

I say a prayer that Emma's dad
Can put his cell phone away
Long enough to enjoy playing Frisbee
With her....
That this Thanksgiving he'll realize
What a gift she is

And begin to treasure every minute
He can with her.


Poem Submitted on 10/31/10

About The Author: Mike Hall

Mike Hall is a long time Denver area tennis coach and teaching professional.

  • He writes poetry in his spare time and is married to Sally.

  • Mike and Sally have a daughter named Carly.

  • Many of Mike's poems are sparked by people rising to the challenges in daily living.

  • Two of his favorite poems (The Darkest Hour & If I Could) are found online by googling Meg Heggie. If I Could was written after my sister in law was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. To read these poems, click below:

The Darkest Hour  /  If I Could

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