nurse poem

nurse poem

nursing poetry

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nursing poems

nursing poems

nursing poetry

nursing poems

nurse poem


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Medical Poetry

md poem



 by James E. Lee

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I love Doctors
Because they are smart,
They go to school for medicine
To learn the healing art.
I love Doctors
When I'm feeling ill,
My Doctor makes me happy
When he prescribes a pill.
I love Doctors
Their work is never done,
You receive medical treatment
Being sick is just no fun.
I love Doctors
They research night and day,
For things we can't see or touch
You'll need an X-Ray.
I love Doctors
For now I have a pet
My dog gets examined like I do
I take him to the vet.
I love Doctors
And I'm very pleased,
Thanks to scientific studies
Remedies help cure disease.
I love Doctors
And isn't it nice to know
There's a Doctor for everything
They're trained from head to toe.
I love Doctors
I once had cavities,
And now I have pearly-whites
What a bright personality.
So when you visit your Doctor 
And you're feeling down and blue,
Tell your Doctor thanks a lot
For taking good care of you.

Dedicated: To The Doctors All Over The World

Poem Submitted on 3/10/09

About The Author: James Lee

A resident of Ann Arbor Michigan Mr. Lee is a vocalist/songwriter and writes Poetry. He's been a professional vocalist for Over thirty-six year's. He has performed Different styles of music, from Rock & Roll, Pop, Rhythm & Blues, Show Tunes, and his Favorite, Standards, and Love Songs. He also Loves creative writing.

Mr. Lee to his credit has composed three Cd's.

*I Love That Country Girl- Pop/Country
*Queen- single cd. Pop/Country
* Michigan Sports Song - A song that Compliments, Michigan's four seasons, and It's Collegiate, and Professional Teams. I call it my (Sports Anthem.)

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