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Poetry Index Guide

We provide several different types of poetry collections. This is not a complete list of all the collections. We will be adding continued nursing tributes and poems to all the collections and will list them here as soon as they are ready for viewing. Add this page to your favorites.

About the Nursing Tributes:
The nursing tributes were a result of either; my own personal experience in that specific nursing field or the result of someone taking the time to give me an interview about their specific nursing specialty. 

Like-wise, the non-nursing tributes are a result of someone in that specialty giving me an interview to describe their job role.

Adding More Tributes:

If you would like to see a tribute about your specific job role, help us make that happen. There are a few ways you can - either:

 1) Phone me (Evie) at (407) 654-9529 and we can arrange a phone interview.

2) Download our job questionnaire form

3) Send job role questionnaire info 

Click On a Poetry Collection:

Angel of Mercy Collection
A series of poems in the form of "Nursing Tributes" designed to honor nurses, healthcare professionals and those in public service for their hard work and to commend these individuals for a job well done.

Brethren Collection
A series of adult and children Christian poetry. Serious and whimsical poems.

Petals of Gold Collection
A series of poems that encompass everything for A-Z. Poetry for both adults and children. We also provide several poems related to Sobriety and Recovery.

NEW: Submit Your Poems
This section is comprised of poems / poetry submitted to Nursewing by our visitors and guests.

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