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Text Only Format / Online Poetry Shop

If You Would Like to Purchase any Poem on this Website:
We have now opened our online Poetry Shop. We do charge a small fee per poem to maintain the running cost of our poem shop and copyright process.

Please Note: Only purchase one copy of each poem. If you need more than one copy of a poem you have permission to make copies on your own.

The shop was designed to allow visitors to access a poem immediately after purchase, however from time to time this does not occur.  If you do not receive a link to download your poem immediately after purchase, email me right away because I have no way of knowing you are unable to download your poem.  The poem shop is not set up that way. 

All the poems, at present, are available in Text Only Format See Sample Poem

What is Text Only Format?
Text only format means that only the words of the poem are purchased. 

What Can I do with a Text Only Poem?
-If you just want to read the poem at some event (Nursing Graduation or Nurse Recognition Week) download the poem and print out a copy.  This is also an ideal option of you would like a copy of the poem to use for purposes of publication (such as your nursing school or hospital newsletter).

-If you know how to use your word processor, you can copy and paste the poem into your word processor and format the poem in any way you like.  Change the font, add images, color, and even personalize the poem with a specific name, then just pop into a frame. This is an ideal option if you would like to give the poem to someone as a gift

Please Note: If You Are Unable to Download Poem
If you experience difficulty downloading any poem (meaning printing poem out on your printer), please email us and we will email you the poem ASAP. 

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