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List of Nursing Degrees


Nurses are more
Than people in white.
They are mediators,
between human suffering
and human wellness;
Where what they do
Goes far beyond
What is seen.

E. V. Stankowski, RN



PhD Degrees / Healthcare Degrees

PhD Degree Programs at a Glance

phd degrees onlineOur affiliate partner has created a convenient list of all PhD Degree programs available online offered by top rate Universities and Colleges and a listing of degree programs available for nurses in the healthcare and human services sector. Request free information on your program of interest.

Accreditation: Most of our online degree provider universities are accredited. For specific accreditation info see the school of interest.

Who Can Apply? US Residents and Military Personnel.

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Doctorate Degree Programs Online

The following accredited universities offer a variety of doctorate degree programs:

Doctorate Degrees in Health and Medicine
-Doctor of Nursing Practice
-Nursing Practice (DNP)
-Doctor of Occupational Therapy
-Pharmacy (PharmD)
-Doctor of Chiropractic
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