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Nursing Tribute

tribute to dr nurses

This Tribute is dedicated to all Nurses, in all walks of life, for their never ending compassion towards humanity. May the Angels above continue to watch over them and protect them, always.

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In God's infinite wisdom
He saw a great light
An audience of givers
Dressed in pearls of moonlight.

They're Angels of Mercy
God's great helping hands
They reach out to touch you
As God surely commands.

Their hard work un-noticed
'tis sad, but it's true
when I see this it's heartfelt
within me I'm blue.

I know that their efforts
Are pure and sincere
I've known them quite closely
To me, they are dear

They're angels of mercy
Sent down from above
From the throne room of glory
They emanate love

God's message is clear
From his heart to my pen
There is no other service
That bares forth such an end

These angels are special
Hitherward to extend
For the people of earth
To recover and mend

A voice has arisen
Of ashes and dust
To bring honor and merit
To express, it's a must

In God's infinite wisdom
His love was made real
And he clothed it as NURSES

For Humanity To Feel.

A special thank you to all Nurses: past, present and future, for without them, this tribute would not have been possible.

by E. V. Stankowski, RN
© copyrighted 1995 "AOM Collection"

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National Nurses Week
Don't forget to thank all of our Nurses (RNs, LPNs, LVNs) during National Nurses Week on
May 6-12
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