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All Occasion Nursing Gifts



Animal Watches / Watches for Animal Lovers

Whimsical Gifts

Nursewing has partnered with Whimsical Watches to bring you gift watches that are personalized or customized and show people you care. Their watches are hand-crafted in the USA by a team of Graphic Designers and Artists. They make over 700 different thematic one-of-a-kind watches showcasing your favorite Animals, Sports, Hobby, Profession, Music and much more.

Buy Animal Watches


Buy Animal Watches

Goldtone Watches   Silvertone Watches
African Grey Parrot Watch  

African Grey Parrot

Bird Watching Watch  

Bird Watching Watch

Bunny Rabbit Watch in Gold  

Bunny Rabbit Watch

Cow Watch in Gold  

Cow Watch in Silver

Dolphin Watch in Gold  

Dolphin Watch in Silver

Elephant Watch in Gold  

Elephant Watch in Silver

Flamingo Watch in Gold  

Flamingo Watch in Style

Frogs Watch in Gold  

Frogs Watch in Silver

Giraffe Watch in Gold  

Giraffe Watch in Silver

Horse Head Watch in Gold  

Horse Head Watch Silver

Lion Watch in Silver  

Lion Watch in Silver

Manatee Watch in Gold  

Manatee Watch in Silver

Monkey Watch in Gold  

Monkey Watch in Silver

Panda Bear Watch in Gold  

Panda Bear Watch Silver

Penguin Watch in Gold  

Penguin Watch in Silver

Pigs Unisex Gold  

Pigs Watch in Silver

Polar Bear Watch in Gold   Polar Bear Watch in Silver
Rooster Watch in Gold  

Rooster Watch in Silver

Toucan Watch in Gold  

Toucan Watch in Silver

Tropical Fish Watch in Gold  

Tropical Fish Watch

Turtles Watch in Gold  

Turtles Watch in Silver

Whales Watch in Gold  

Whales Watch in Silver


Please Note: is not involved in the selling of Whimsical Watches. For questions related to any gift watch or order process, please contact Whimsical Watches directly.