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Gerontology Certificate Online

Gerontology Certificate Online

Certificate: Gerontology

The Frank J. Manning Certificate in Gerontology provides students with an understanding of the aging network and aging process through direct service, research, field placements and legislative advocacy for the elderly.

It is designed for individuals currently working in or new to the field of Gerontology. Program is designed to help those interested in the field of Gerontology augment their current knowledge and skills and to pursue a rewarding career built around issues of aging and public service.


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Geriatric Nurse Role and Career
Learn about the role of a Geriatric Nurse, degrees and certifications


Related Gerontology Programs

Gerontology Degrees:
List of gerontology degrees by accredited online universities. Degrees focus on care and management of the elderly population.


B.S. in Human Services - Gerontology: The courses in this degree program are designed to prepare graduates to work with the change process of aging and address how the aging population impacts social policy and program delivery.


MS - Gerontology:
People who choose this specialization may wish to pursue careers in management, education, or research with nonprofit organizations, public agencies, or health care facilities that work with an aging population.

About Geriatrics or Gerontology

What Is Gerontology?
Gerontology is the scientific examination of the aging population. It is a field of study concerned with the physical, mental, social, and spiritual aspects of life and aging. The main focus of gerontology is on improving the health, independence and quality of life of all older people.

Why Study Gerontology?
Studies show that Americans are living longer. As of 2011, it is projected that in the coming years one in five Americans will be over 65, and there will be 15 to 18 million persons over the age of 85. Because of this, the demand for professionals with a background in gerontology will increase and open the door for many career opportunities in a variety of healthcare settings.

Why Work in Gerontology?
Working with the aging population offers a diverse group of people. Their is much satisfaction surrounding the care of the elderly.  They will share their wit, wisdom, and creativity with all who come in contact with them.

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