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Firemen Poetry

tribute to a firemanTribute to a Fireman

This Tribute is dedicated to all the Firemen that daily risk their lives on behalf of humanity. May the Angels above watch over them and and continue to grace them with skills of excellence.

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In your heart there is a drive
Yes, a drive of mighty worth
It's a talent you possess
Quite a gift upon this earth

For this drive is more than skill
Goes beyond your earthly scope
You're an Angel without wings
Saving lives and giving hope

In the midst of roaring flames
Intense heat and black filled smoke
Never once do you deter
From your goal to save all folk

In this goal to save all lives
There's a special talent seen
Valiant honor is portrayed
As you work to intervene

Your regard for human life
Is no earthly known command
For you're willingly to risk all
Every time you lend a hand

This command is from on high
It's been with you since your birth
It's been placed within your heart
For the people of this earth

See your life was heaven sent
God ordained so long ago
And this drive instilled in thee
Is the gift God did bestow

In your heart there is a drive
Every fireman does feel
It diminishes all fear
For it's God's own love made real

And the Angels high above
Have prepared an awesome sight
A spectacular display
Of Angelical delight

It's a firehouse of gold
A reflection of your worth
For the gift of life you give

     Is a Treasure on This Earth.

A special thank you to all Firemen: past, present and future, for without them, this tribute would not have been possible.

by E. V. Stankowski, RN
copyrighted 1996 "AOM Collection"

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National FireFighter Day

Unofficially observed as December 15 (upon Presidential proclamation) but petitions are being circulated to create an official Firefighter's Day on September 11 each year.

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