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Emergency Supplies

Backpacks and Bags

Food and Water

72-hour Survival Kit

Camping Supplies



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Disaster Planning


EDisasterSystems - Emergency Kit Banner

Nursewing has partnered with top rated Disaster Preparedness Company - Emergency Disaster Systems (EDS) (

Emergency Disaster Systems founded in 1989, serves communities, governments, industries, and individuals around the world with a variety of innovative emergency preparedness solutions for disasters ranging from fires to winter storms.

Emergency Kit Supplies


Earthquake Preparedness

Sever Weather Safety Kit


42 Piece Car Emergency kit

Emergency Radios


Earthquake Survival Kits

Major Emergency Medical kit


Deluxe Office Survival Kit

72-hour Survival Kit


Emergency AM/ FM Radio

CERT Kits and Supplies


First Aid Kits and Supplies

Emergency Lightening


Emergency Lightening

Emergency Candles



LED Flashlights



Light Sticks


Waterproof Matches

Emergency Supplies   Emergency Supplies
Backpacks and Bags   Food and Water
Camping Supplies   Lights and Radios
Communication   Protective Gear
Disposal Gloves   Safety Vest
Disaster Preparedness Links   Disaster Preparedness Links
Solar Cookers International   Honeyville Dried Foods
Water Filtering Systems   Disaster Preparedness Videos
Hard Times Survival   Nuclear War Survival Sills
How To Survive Hard Times   Armageddon Medicine
Spiritual Preparation   Spiritual Preparation   Parables Blog

EDisasterSystems - Emergency Kit Banner

Please Note: is not involved in the selling of any program listed above. We provide this preparedness service for your convenience and education and emergency preparedness for you and your family. For questions related to any service listed above, contact the individual website.