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auto tinter poetry

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Auto Tinter Poetry

tribute to an auto tinterTribute to an Automotive Tinter

This Tribute is dedicated to all the Auto Tinters that work so hard on behalf of humanity. May the Angels above watch over them and and continue to grace them with skills of excellence.

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On one hot and sunny day
As God walked upon this earth
He discovered a great need
He foresaw a Tinter's worth

As the ultraviolet rays
From the sun was so intense
The effects on all mankind
Would in time cause consequence

Hence a Tinter's role evolved
To protect our precious eyes
And in times of shattered glass
Injuries would minimize

There's a humor tinters know
In this role they do each day
It's encased in stress and tears
It's the reason tinter's pray

Lord above you know the strain
When I do a "fish bowl car"
And the compound curves I face
Leave neck kinks and knuckle scars

Yet there is no greater pain
Then when "fingers" start to crease
To compound this process known
Dust and dirt jump into seize

God foresaw a tinter's stress
Knew frustration would run high
And with love deep in his heart
Crowned their skills as bona fide

On a plaque made of pure gold
In a showcase far from earth
There's a gift in heaven's home

That Reflects A Tinter's Worth.

A special thank you to my sister, Gloria for her willingness to share about her role and making this tribute possible.

by E. V. Stankowski RN
copyrighted 1996 "Angel of Mercy Collection"

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