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Nursing Christmas Poem

tribute to rebecca anderson, lpn

"Nursing -- The Heart of Christmas"

This poem is dedicated to every nurse, in every walk of life, for their undying efforts and dedicated spirit to the care of humanity, reminding us that nurses truly are angels from above.

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Christmas is a time of Angels,
Of Angels at work,
Both in heaven and on earth.

It is a time of blessing,
Where one reaches out to those in need,
Those hurting on the inside and out.

It is a time of sacrifice,
Where self need is ignored
Overshadowed by the needs at hand.

It is a time of compassion,
Where caring for the sick and injured,
Lame and homeless, young and old;
Is the focus of all things.

But more than this,
It is the "Heart of Nursing"
And one that goes beyond
A single day or season.

"The Heart of Christmas all Year Long."

This poem is dedicated to all nurses, who truly make the world a better place.

by E. V. Stankowski, RN © copyrighted 2007

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