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Angel at Work

tribute to rebecca anderson, lpnThis Angel at Work poem is dedicated to all healthcare and helping professionals that give of themselves everyday to help the sick and injured of our society. And to those who risk their lives daily on our behalf. May the Angels above watch over them -- always.

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An Angel at work
Will not ignore
The cries of the helpless.

An Angel at work
Will always see
The tears of the broken.

An Angel at work
Will never scorn
The pain of the injured.

And because of this-
In the heavens above
And on earth below;
"The work of an Angel
Does not go un-noticed."

A special thank you to all those in the helping professions: past, present and future, for without them, this tribute would not have been possible.

by E. V. Stankowski, RN
copyrighted 2006 "AAW Series"

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