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Scripture of the Day

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed, for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.”                    KJV (Joshua 1:9)


Nurses are more
Than people in white.
They are mediators,
between human suffering
and human wellness;
Where what they do
Goes far beyond
What is seen.

E. V. Stankowski, RN
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About Nursewing

Overview is nurse owned and operated by Evie Stankowski, RN. While this website offers many services for nurses, the main goal of this website is to uplift nurses and healthcare professionals alike for a job well done. As nurses we are very good at giving praise and encouragement to our patient's -- it's time we did the same for one another. This is the primary goal of this website and of the nursing poetry series and nursing tributes available.

About the Author
E.V. Stankowski is an RN of 40 years with an expertise in alcohol and drug dependency detox/rehab treatment. She graduated in 1974 with her LPN Diploma. After working eight years an an LPN, she graduated in 1981 with her RN Degree. Present nursing career is in Case Management.

She was born and raised in Long Island, New York, but now lives in the state of Florida with her husband and daughter.

She has written two other poetry collections; "Brethren Collection" which are poems reflecting Christian writings and, the "Petals of Gold Collection," which encompasses a variety of literary works and poetry.

Angel of Mercy Collection - Why Did I Write It?
I have been repeatedly asked "why" did I write the nursing tributes.  I will attempt to answer that question now.

There are two basic reasons why I wrote the nursing tributes: First and foremost, I felt led of the Lord to write them.  And for those of you who are wondering "What does she mean by that," I will explain.  One day (in 1995) as I was conversing with the Lord (during my drive home from work), I told the Lord I wanted to so something special for nurses, something different, but did not know what.  And than the words "Nursing Tributes" came to mind.  As I mediated on these words, the concept of writing uplifting poems for nurses also came to mind. 

When I arrived home I continued to think on these words and looked up the word Tribute.  When I read the definition: "A gift, payment, declaration, or other acknowledgment of gratitude, respect, or admiration", not only was it the perfect approach but so beautiful. I than told the Lord while in prayer if he wanted me to write these "Tributes" than he would have to give me the words.  Well, needless to say, I spend that entire weekend writing.  My first Tribute was titled "Angel of Mercy" and is a poem for nurses in general. 

Few points of interest that have come out of writing the tributes. First, they were all in rhyme.  This was very different for me as 90% of all the poetry I had written up to that point had been in prose format.  I found rhyme to be something mainly for children's works - never did I equate it with adult poem writing. 

I did not understand the reason for this style of writing at first, but now, years later, I can see a real benefit to writing the tributes in rhyme.  No matter how long it has been since my last tribute, I can easily pick up the writing format because there is a specific rhythm involved.  You could say it's like riding a bike.  Once you have the mechanics down of bicycle riding, it does not matter how long you stay away from it, it does come back to you once you get on that bike. All be it rusty at first (LOL = laughing out loud), but it does come back.

Secondly, something I did not initially pick up on and most of the tributes included it -- there is an object of tribute located in heaven for every profession. Example, in my Nursing Instructor Tribute  the object in heaven  is Diamond Letters on a Palace Wall of ivory

In 2005, the Lord opened yet another format beside my online website, a Nursing Gift Shop to promote nursing & medical appreciation type gifts via an ingenious idea promoted through a company called Cafe Press. 

The second reason why I wrote the tributes, has to do with the following:

In my many years as a nurse, there is a repeated theme I've observed. It's one that tugs at my heart, the frequently forgotten ingredient in this mixture we call Nursing. An ingredient that compliments all the skills nurses posses. This element? PRAISE—A pearl of great worth to our profession, for it never forgets to commend our nurses for a job well done.

It is with this premise in mind, that I have written the "Angel of Mercy" collection. A series designed to remember "the forgotten" pat on the back for a job well done, the "Thank You" that got lost along the way - to remain unspoken. They are tributes to nurses in all walks of life. A reminder that their efforts have not gone un-noticed.

My sincerest hope is to bring a touch of heaven by their side, realizing that nurses truly are angels sent from above. How do I know this? It is an observation of 22 years. I've witnessed it many times in my nursing journey and with each occurrence I am forever touched, for it encompasses the basis of recovery for every patient. It is a gift nurses possess, their innate ability to be moved by compassion towards the suffering individual, truly a commendable skill, and one that aids the healing process of humanity.

The Angel of Mercy Collection started out as a series to pay tribute to nurses, but over time, upon various job requests, the collection has branched out to include job roles from people in many walks of life.

with warm regards,

Evie Stankowski, RN

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